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We Help Companies Prepare Small Business Grant 
Applications and Handle Their Submissions:

           SBIR and STTR Awards to the United States NIH, NSF, FDA, 
        CDC, EPA, DOD, DOT and DHS

        Renewable Energy Grants Preparation and Writing

        Preparation of Supplies or Services Contract Proposals to All


        Grant Writing to US and International Private Foundations 

                     Information About SBIR and STTR Grants:

SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) is a federal government program administered by 12 federal agencies for the purpose of helping to provide early-stage Research and Development funding to small technology companies. Solicitations are released periodically from each of the agencies and present technical topics of R&D which the agency is interested in funding. Companies are invited to compete for funding by submitting proposals that address the technical topic needs of the agency's solicitation. Each of these 12 agencies have various needs and flavors. 

STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer) is a smaller scale 

federal government program similar to SBIR. This program is administered by only 6 federal agencies. The major difference between the SBIR and STTR is that for the STTR the small business is required to work with a not-for-profit research institution or national laboratory on the proposed project.

Superlative Biosciences can assist companies in applying for the SBIR & STTR programs. We can help you identify which agency or agencies will be interested in your technology, assist with writing and reviewing the proposal. If you need additional information or have any questions or comments, please call us at 1-(315)-383-3496 or send an email to

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